Delivery options

Green Capitol Towers will be delivered completely renovated. All the offices are up-to-date and will stand the test of time. All the entrances are renewed and very representative. In addition, the route is clear and the whole complex is absolutely worth a visit.

The office area will be delivered including:

− Dropped ceiling
− Lighting fixtures
− Dividing screens
− Carpeting
− Pantries
− Cable ducts provided with electrical wiring
− High quality technical installations

You decide the delivery options in deliberation with us.

The interior

3D impressions

choose your broker

  • Gustav Mahlerlaan 362-364
    1082 ME Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    S. Gnocchi

    Tel: 020 6 644 644

  • Parnassusweg 727
    1077 DG Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Job Steverink

    Tel: 020 5 405 405

  • Transistorstraat 7
    1322 CJ Almere
    The Netherlands

    Cees J. Hersbach

    Tel: 036 538 9300